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Cocoa-Plantain Farming Special Courses Bundle

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Below are the related courses for a permanent cocoa-plantain mixed farming: 


  1. Organic Seeds and Seedlings Multiplication with specific interests on cocoa seedling production and plantain Suckers macro propagation  – N15,000 only 


  1. Organic pesticides Production –  N10,000


  1. Organic liquid Fertilizer production and composting –  N15,000 only 


  1. Weed management on Cocoa-Plantain farms and Organic herbicides production – 

N15,000 only 


  1. Sustainable and affordable Irrigation types with specific interest on low-cost drip irrigation and Installation guide.

N15,000 only 


  1. Best Management Practices including GAP requirement for cocoa farm for products to meet international market demand standard. 

N15,000 only 


  1. Value Addition in Cocoa farm. Value-added products from the cocoa industry. 



ALL courses can be taken or you select the most relevant courses for you. All courses can be taken weekly online in order of hierarchy.  Implementation via activity submission in one class will qualify participants to be added to the next class. There is an opportunity for a one-day farm visitation and demonstration on our farms for each of the courses. This means 7days hands-on practice on the farm for all seven courses. 


For participants that cant is available for on the farm visitation and demonstration,  There is an opportunity for video calling on a one on one session with me on the farm. 


There is a 20 percent discount off if all seven courses are registered together in this package.

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