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Organic Fisheries Production

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Find below the course Outline for this course: 

  1. Why rear your own fish and why organically? 
  2. What kind of fish can you rear organically and to what extent?
  3. Benefits of organically or naturally bred fish
  4. Different types of fish and the most commonly reared species for commercial purpose 
  5. Requirements for rearing fish organically 
  6. Types of fish ponds and choosing the best for your organic fish production on a small scale and on a large scale. 
  7. Stocking your fish ( choosing the right age, size, specie and quality of fish) 
  8. Water management practices throughout your fish rearing lifecycle 
  9. Feeding your fish (choosing the right size , quality, quantity and frequency of feeding) 
  10. How to make organic feed from processed fish feed 
  11. How to formulate your own fish food to save cost on feeding your fish 
  12. Sorting your fish and maintaining  the correct stocking rate throughout your fish growth and development stages. 
  13. Checking for diseased fishes and maintaining hygienic practices to prevent diseases infestation in fishery 
  14. Fish disease management organically 
  15. Harvesting your fish at table size at the right time depending on your target market and or purpose of rearing  
  16. Managing Fish waste including fish water waste, dead fish and sick fish. 
  17. Value addition, processing and packaging 
  18. Eat and sell your organically grown fish 
  19. Participants activities: show your home reared organic fish and share your experiences.
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