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Organic Food Production on Permanent Raised Beds aka Permanent Raised Beds Market Gardening

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Find below the course Outline for this course: 


  1. How to make Permanent raised beds
  2. Make your staking frame around if you are considering planting crops that need support.
  3. How to test the soil
  4. How to Carry out soil fortification
  5. Soil sterilization methods with much emphasis on Solarization methods
  6. Bio intensive method or mulching for weed control. Read pros and cons of each and decide aforetime 
  7. Types of Mulching and Application 
  8. Design lay and installation of  the drip irrigation on the bed
  9. Make holes in case of mulching for each seedling and in case of bio-intensive make a hole that will be well fortified with nutrients for your main crops
  10. Transplanting seedlings and direct sowing of seeds compared for different crops.
  11. Watch your plant grow as you set your drip in motion and only fill the water reservoir for drip as needed. Use sprinkler accessories with your drip in case of bio-intensive system adoption. supply seeds or seedlings that fail to grow.
  12. Apply your organic pesticides and foliar nutrient  spray through fertigation every week or as you dim necessary from your plants’ response
  13. Install your staking net along with the frames for plants that need support
  14. Weed minimally if necessary again
  15. As soon as you see flower setting for some crops like cucumber, tomatoes and peppers start pruning, desuckering, and pollinate as necessary.  in the case of cucumber or make sure you have insect pollinators in your garden …ensure your farm naturally attracts beneficial insects or pollinators or if you have beehive set up within the better.
  16. Manage pests and diseases. Implement your various organic pesticide spraying where necessary. Make a variety and schedule appropriately so your pest will not develop resistance by getting used to a particular one.
  17. Wait patiently and Harvest at the right time
  18. Eat, sell fresh, package, and or add value depending on your market
  19. Enjoy and be happy and start thinking of getting started immediately.
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