Organic Seeds and Seedlings Production and Multiplication

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Course Outline:

Find below the outline for this course:

  1. Definition of key terms like seeds, seedlings, suckers, nursery, seedbed, seed trays, seedboxes, viability,  etc. 
  2. Why produce organic seeds? What are organic seeds and seedlings and their benefits as against inorganic ones? 
  3. How to produce organic seeds from chemically protected hybrid seeds. Mastering the seeds saving culture. 
  4. Name of different hybrid and heirloom seeds companies you can use with appreciable yield in Nigeria. 
  5. How to protect your seeds from easily losing their viability. 
  6. Testing local seeds or saved seeds for viability.  
  7. Comparing GMOs, hybrid, heirloom/ open-pollinated,  local, and exotic seeds. 
  8. How to grow seedlings. Use of seedlings trays, seedbeds, seedboxes, seed baskets, seed bags/ nursery bags, and other available containers. Pros and cons compared. 
  9. Seed starting mix preparation, using soil or soilless mix or compost for starting your seeds. Different recipes/formulations were discussed. 
  10. How to prepare soil mix if using soil- different soil sterilizations options and procedures. Seedbeds preparation, Seeds treatment for local seeds. Seed treatment or protection if sowing on seedbeds on the ground. A case study of local farmers
  11. Making a seed net /netting your nursery. 
  12. Irrigating your nursery. Self-watering design options for your nursery discussed.
  13. Choosing vigorous seedlings. Healthy plants mean healthy seedlings. 
  14. Seeds that are not recommended to grow in the nursery that prefers direct seeding. 
  15. Seeds multiplication- a case study for fluted pumpkin, “Ugu” (Telfairia occidentalis) seeds. 
  16. Seedlings multiplication – case studies of oregano, Italian basil, tomatoes and plantain, and banana. How to grow new plants from suckers without having to start from seeds all the time. Rapid multiplication of plantain and banana suckers 
  17. Rooting techniques for your plant cuttings- an organic approach. 
  18. The business of organic seeds and seedlings production and multiplication on an intensive scale, Basic requirements to start up, how to target your customers, and basic marketing strategies. 
  19. Packaging and delivering your seeds and seedlings to customers
  20. Students activities- grow your own seeds and seedlings and share your result with us.  
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  1. This course is real value for the price. I got more value than paid for. Plus the one on one guide given by the instructor to help start up my own organic seeds and seedling production business

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